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It's Sew Easy Series 400...
It’s sew easy – the place for  creative and contemporary  sewing with instructions, videos, patterns and projects presented by leading sewing experts  for beginners and experienced sewers.  Featuring apparel, quilting and home dec.

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Top Shop
Visit the It’s Sew Easy “top shop” for fantastic tops, tees, and blouses. On today’s show Angela Wolf shows how to make her signature color block top – color blocking is a fashion trend for this season and it always has a graphic look. She alters a simple pattern to create color blocking by adding seam allowances and mixing fabrics. Then, Eileen Roche offers technique tips for embroidering on pockets. We finish up with Peggy Sagers and the basics of blouse construction.  


Learn to Sew
Whether you’re an experienced sewer or just starting out, there are some key concepts in sewing everyone needs - the basics that you’ll use to make professional garments.  Angela Wolf shows how to use an iron and some other tools for perfect pressing - perfect pressing can make or break a garment. Then, join Deepika Prakash for the first lesson of a 3 part lesson on sewing machine feet. Learn the purpose and uses for various feet. Finally, Stephani Miller has a lesson on how and why to make a muslin. It’s a test drive or a first draft of a pattern.


Modern Patchwork
Combine traditional techniques with a contemporary aesthetic with modern patchwork. Color, graphics, and even stitch style provide a new look for a time honored tradition. Victoria Findlay Wolfe, a leader in the Modern Quilting movement, begins with a tutorial on making your own quilt fabric. Making fabric can jump start your creativity by following your instincts and building your confidence in making choices about color through play. Then, Angela Wolf turns the fabric created by Victoria into a simple pillow with a zipper accent. Finally, Lisa Sipes, another guild member with an eye for contemporary design, creates a pillow sham that embodies this fresh look, but also includes very basic machine techniques. This pillow uses circular sewing and features cording and braid feet.


Bags and Totes
You can never have too many bags! They show off your skills and accent every outfit. And when you’re making gifts there is no worry about size or fit! Colbey Decker starts out with “little M’s” bag - a mini drawstring back pack featuring button holes instead of grommets, plus a hidden pocket inside. Then, sewing expert and TV personality Sue Hausmann joins us with techniques for giving purses their shape. She also demonstrates a truly unique duct tape purse. 


Your “go to” garment whatever the occasion is a pair of perfect fitting trousers. Styles and details will vary by your body type and the fabric you choose but today we feature the basic construction of trousers. Angela Wolf, our couture expert, is our only guest and we’ll break down pants into a few lessons. She begins with a muslin and alterations to make your trousers fit. Then, it’s pressing darts and seams.  Next, we move to hidden zippers. And finally, waistband options and how to alter your pattern. Then, stay tuned next week for pockets. 


Where would we be without pockets? We love adding them to every garment but especially pants.  They are obviously functional but they can also add style and line. Angela Wolf starts us out as we finish up our trouser lesson from last week with pockets. Then, join Gretchen Hirsch for a complete lesson on a different style of pockets for pants and skirts. Welt pockets are more than functional as they add a design element to your construction.


The inspiration for many first sewing projects is a new baby. Whether this is your own first baby, or you’re a grandma many times over – we love to make baby projects. Today’s first expert is Pearl Krush with a rag style baby quilt using an absolutely precious fabric. Then, Sheree Schattenmann creates a simple baby blanket and bib – for a quick gift. Finally, June Mellinger features an personalized, heirloom baby quilt adapted to today.  


Insider Tips
We’re going to let you in on some very important secrets. The experts are on hand to show you some of the tips they use for specialty garments. Did you ever see a dress on the runway and wonder just how did they do that? Jim Suzio is here to show you - with fabulous insider tips for totally amazing gowns. Get ready to be dazzled. We finish up with expert Gretchen Hirsch. Learn one of the techniques shown by Jim as Gretchen demonstrates the hairline seam for sewing with sheers - this insider tip creates a beautiful and perfect garment. 


The world of sewing is constantly changing – sometimes it’s hard to keep up and take advantage of all of these new advances. Technology and innovation can be your best friend when you sew. Embroidery expert Eileen Roche is first with the basics for using an embroidery machine; this eyeglass case, filmed on location, is a great beginner project. Then, meet designer Rebecca Kemp Brent – she’ll be visiting the show a few times this season with innovative stitch techniques. Today, she’s using decorative stitches already on your machine to simplify or add a bit of couture to clothing constructions. Find out how to hide a patch pocket’s stitching or bring a touch of reinforcement into the limelight with these easy ideas.  Finally, Deepika Prakash is back with more machine feet and techniques -   using the right foot at the right time makes all the difference.


Practical Sewing
Make your sewing functional and practical. You can solve problems in your very own home and business with projects you design! On today’s show, function is foremost but we never forget style! Designer Lisa Shepard Stewart is first with functional covers for tablets made from exotic placemats – these are beautiful as well as practical. Then, it’s Sarah McFarland with a lesson on reading a pattern. We take this for granted, but selecting the right size, choosing the correct fabric, and cutting and sewing a garment is on or within the pattern envelope. Sarah shows how to decipher the terms and symbols on the envelope, guide sheet, and pattern tissue to put you on the right track to great results. We finish up with a return visit from Pearl Krush and a cuddly pet bed – practical can also be pretty when you add iron on appliqués and boxed corners to make the perfect bed for your favorite pet.


Create Your Own Fabric
Let your creativity shine as our experts encourage you to make your own fabric. No we’re not dyeing or painting, instead we’re using thread and fiber to create a unique surface. Embroidery expert Cookie Gaynor is first. She shows how to create flowers and leaves with free motion sewing and three dimensional embroidery. Then, Rebecca Kemp Brent is back to create a perfect coordinating fabric every time with the stitches on your machine. Use an ordinary straight stitch to create a great plaid or layer decorative stitches to create borders and more. Finally, meet Michele Muska, fiber artist. She’ll take felting to new levels as she demonstrates techniques for making felted fabrics, adding decorative fiber, and even joining pieces. And by the way she makes a pair of adorable booties too. 


Setting the Perfect Table.
Set the perfect table with easy ideas from our experts. The simplest additions make the most impact. You can fit any size table, any occasion, or color scheme and choose your favorite fabrics and trims. Donna Babylon is up first with an easy trim technique to dress up a readymade tablecloth or one you made your self.  Then,, meet designer Deana Tierney May for reversible chair cushions that allow you to transform your dining room with a quick flip of the covers. It’s easy to get two looks in one with these simple sew covers. We end up with Sheree Schattenmann and easy sew simple table settings including napkins, and more. 


On the Surface
Let the experts introduce you to some interesting and simple techniques for decorating the surface of your fabric.  A little stitching goes a long way in adding unique styles.  First up, Rebecca Kemp Brent returns for decorative work with your utility stitches. Straight, zig zag, and satin stitches are on virtually every sewing machine. Use them to create pictures, from snowflakes to insects, and discover why full coverage isn’t always the right option. As a bonus find out what you can do with the button attaching stitch that doesn’t require a button. Then, it’s blind hem stitching with Angela Wolf. We finish up with Louis Carney and thread work at its best, plus couching techniques to add decorative pizzazz to any garment.  

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