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Angela Wolf shows how to fix a broken button on skirts and pants.

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Alterations - Broken Zipper on Skirt or Pants

Fabric:   Vogue Fabrics
Patterns:  The Angela Wolf Pattern Collection

There is nothing more frustrating than a broken zipper, especially when you have a nice topstitching on the front fly as in jeans.  It is a shame to rip out all the topstitching, especially if you don't have the capabilities to create the same look.  In this episode I have walked you through ripping out an existing zipper and inserting a new one without touching the topstitching.  This doesn't mean you can't take out the topstitching and start all over, but I am all about altering clothing fast, easy, and leaving professional looking results. 

First off, you need to purchase a matching zipper.  Color is more important than the length, because you can cut off the zipper tops to match any depth.  This is really important to remember, especially with the low-rise pants that can have a 3 or 4 inch opening.

  • Rip out the side of the zipper with an under flap (not the side attached with the topstitching).
  • Either open the waistband a little to pull out the entire zipper or cut off the zipper at the top.
  • Pull out the stitches on the other side of the zipper,  ONLY the stitches holding the zipper - not the topstitching stitches.  Typically there will be two rows of stitching holding the zipper in place and another one or two rows of topstitching a little further out.
  • Pin in the new zipper along the side with the under placket.  Stitch along the edge attaching the zipper and placket.  Either slide the top of the zipper into the opening in the waistband or fold under and hand tack.
  • Zip up the zipper and pin the fly closed at the edge.
  • Turn the pants inside out and line up the other side of the zipper with the upper fly.
  • Pin the zipper in place.
  • Hand stitch the zipper securely in place.
  • Either open the waistband and slide the top of the zipper into the opening or fold back the top edge and hand tack in place.

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Featured sewing machine in this segment:
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Host: Angela Wolf

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