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Angela Wolf demonstrates how to sew with fur.

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Sewing with Fur   

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Fabric:  All the fabrics I use on It's Sew Easy TV come from Vogue Fabrics
Pattern:  The Angela Wolf Pattern Collection

Sewing with faux fur is so much easier than you might think.  Not to mention you can whip up a vest or scarf in an afternoon.  Start by choosing a faux fur:


Rub your hand along the fabric and decide which way you plan on cutting your patterns.  Plan on cutting all of your pattern pieces going the same direction.

From the wrong side of the fabric, trace your patterns with chalk.

Angela Wolf sewing with faux fur1.JPG  Angela Wolf sewing with faux fur2.JPG

Using very sharp scissors, slide the scissors along your chalk mark.  Be careful to only cut the backing, NOT the faux fur.  You can do this by cutting in small increments.

Angela Wolf sewing with faux fur3.JPG  Angela Wolf sewing with faux fur4.JPG

Angela Wolf sewing with faux fur5.JPG


Trim the fur out of the seam allowances.
Angela Wolf sewing with faux fur6.JPG

Angela Wolf sewing with faux fur7.JPG

Pin the seams together, stitch your seams.  You might need to comb out the faux fur of the sewn seams.  Open the seams and hand tack the seam allowances open.  You can hide the stitches or use an embroidery thread for a decorative look.

Angela Wolf3.JPG

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Featured sewing machine in this segment:
XR9500 PRW – Project Runway Limited Edition Computerize Sewing Machine

Host: Angela Wolf

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