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Angela Wolf shares a common alteration lesson, adding darts to a shirt.

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Angela Wolf 20111.JPGAlteration - Adding Darts to a Shirt 

Fabric:  Vogue Fabrics
Pattern:  The Angela Wolf Pattern Collection



In trying to find the perfect balance in fit and style, many women love the comfort of a basic blouse or jean shirt, but would prefer a little more shape.  That includes myself.  Adding bust darts is an easy way to give yourself a little more of a figure, especially if you have a larger bust.  Instead of the blouse hitting at the bust and just hanging, you can add the effect of a defined waistline, no matter what size you are.


  • Try on your blouse or shirt. 
  • Mark the center of each bust point with pins or chalk.
  • Begin pinning a vertical dart, starting 1 inch below the center of bust point.
  • Try to pin a straight line, following the grainline of the fabric.
  • Take the shirt off and turn the shirt inside out.
  • Chalk mark your pins.
  • Remove the pins.
  • Re-pin your new stitch line from the inside of the garment, following your chalk marks.
  • Open the hem for 3 inches on each side of your new pinned line.
  • Begin stitching with a 2.5 or 3.0 stitch length from the top of the dart.
  •  Press the dart toward the center of the shirt.
  • Topstitch along your dart for a designer look.
  • Press up the hem and re-stitch.

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