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Angela Wolf adds embellishments to finished jackets to create an original design.

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Fabric:   Vogue Fabrics
Pattern:  The Angela Wolf Pattern Collection
Materials:  wool roving, yarn, ribbon, fabric threads, etc.

I love adding unique embellishment to jackets and needle felting is a great way to make the trim look like it is part of the fabric.  In this episode I am using my favorite sewing machine - the Brother 1500S.  This machine is fast, fast, FAST!  In fact I use this machine over my industrial commercial machine.  Easy to use, automatic cutting feature, perfect stitches and a huge variety of machine feet are an added bonus.  What you see in this episode is the needle attachment for this machine.  It literally takes me 5 minutes to switch the machine to a needle felting mode and another 5 minutes to switch back.  Now my only problem is that I use both features so much, I might need to just buy another Brother 1500! 

Don't worry if you don't have this sewing machine (although if you are an avid sewer you should add this one to your bucket list) you can easily needle felt with the smaller hand tools you can find in most sewing stores. 

Wool is the easiest fabric to embed wool roving and other yarns, which is what I have shown in this episode.  Wool roving comes in a huge variety of colors and not very expensive, I found mine at Vogue Fabrics.   For my cream jacket I pulled out long strands of black wool roving and threads from the fabric.  Twist and turn the roving and yarn into any design.  For my jacket, I kept the design within 3inches of the fabric edge.  My goal is to make the trim look like it is part of the fabric.  After the first batch of felting, I add another layer for a darker color.  Once you get the hand of this easy embellishment, the possibilities are endless!  Feel free to email me pictures of your new trim ideas or if you have any questions.

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Featured sewing machine in this segment:
PQ-1500S - High Speed Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Host: Angela Wolf

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