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Project Runway designer Valerie Mayen show how her signature style translates to a zippered tank top.

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Valerie Mayen

  1. Sew front of tank zippers first with the longest zipper (of your choosing) in center front.
  2. Sew tape left and right down to center front.
  3. Take second length of zippers (middle length) and sew to each side of center zipper at equal distance.  Only sew left side of right zipper and right side of left zipper tape down.
  4. Repeat step three for smallest zipper length and sew sides of middle length zippers
  5. With wrong sides together, sew side seams together and shoulder seams at ½” seam allowance.
  6. Leave neck, hem and shoulder edges raw for curled effect of terry.
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Host: Valerie Mayen

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