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Angela Wolf starts finishes her trouser lesson from episode 405 with pockets.

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Pants Pockets
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Fabric:  All the fabrics I use on It's Sew Easy TV come from Vogue Fabrics
Pattern:  The Angela Wolf Pattern Collection

There are a few things you can do make sure your pant pockets look professional.  First, start with the right tools:

  • A good iron with steam
  • Stay tape
  • Pins

There are a many different kinds of pants pockets to choose from; here I will focus on the front slant pockets.  Regardless if your pants are lined or unlined the process will be the same.

  • Start by pinning stay tape onto the wrong side of the fabric (here I have used 1/4" cotton tape).
  • Stitch with the stay tape on the top and ease the pocket edge.
  • Attach pocket lining.
  • Roll pocket edge to the underside and press on a HAM.
  • Stitch along edge of lining.
  • Topstitch (optional).
  • Attach upper pocket to pocket lining.
  • Stitch pocket lining together.
  • Press.  Press pocket one more time on top of the HAM.
  • Pin side seam to pocket edge.
  • Stitch with a baste stitch.













Sewing Machine Featured in this Segment:
Innov-is VM6200D Dreamweaver XE


Host: Angela Wolf

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