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Marie Zinno uses custom embroidery to create personalized towels and ribbon.

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Monogrammed Towel Basket Bundle-Marie Zinno
Products Used
2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 wash cloths
2 ½ yards wired organza ribbon (2 ½ inches wide)
1 Medium size basket
2 yards white tulle

Embroidery Products Used:
Embroidery editing software
Soft tear away stabilizer, water soluble stabilizer (light weight) wide width for ribbon embroidery
Polyester embroidery thread
Perfect Placement Kit- available from Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine
Machine Embroidered Monograms for the Home Book- By Marie Zinno & Eileen Roche
5x7 embroidery hoop

Open the CD from the Machine Embroidered Monograms for the Home Book in the embroidery editing software and select the Madison font 3 inch tall. Choose 3 letters for the monogram; first name initial of the man, last name initial for couple, first name initial of woman (Doug & Marie Zinno- DZM).The last name initial should measure 3.5 inches tall and 2 surrounding letters should be 3 inches tall. Save design as mono1.Use the same design for the hand towel resize it to 2.75 inches tall and save it as mono2. The size of monogram pertains to the center last name initial.
Fold the bath towel in half and mark center bottom with a pin. Select the Bath Towel w/ Border template from the Perfect Placement Kit and lay the template on the towel. Line up the printed lines on the template with the towel border and center mark. Place the included target sticker in the center hole of template for both towels. Keep the target sticker in place until the needle is lined up with the cross hair.
Hoop the towel in a 5x7 hoop with soft tear away stabilizer. Make sure to line up the border of the towel with the straight edge of the hoop and adjust the needle bar with the cross hair on target sticker. Add a piece of water soluble stabilizer on top of towel; use the automatic basting file to attach the water soluble stabilizer to the towel. The basting file stitches will be removed after embroidery is complete.
Stitch the appropriate size monogram for all four towels. Carefully remove the excess stabilizer from the back of towel after basting stitched has been removed. Gently tear away the water soluble stabilizer from the front of towel. Do not pull or tug at the stabilizer, spritz with a spray bottle filled with water to dissolve the excess.
Press all four towels from the wrong side to remove hoop burn marks and trim thread tails.
Embroidered Ribbon
Determine the length of ribbon desired for bow size. The towel basket bundle bow has a length of 2 ½ yards of ribbon. If the bow will be wrapped a package, measure the box and cut length accordingly. The bottom tail portions of the bow are embroidered with text. Select the text to be embroidered for gift and edit at the embroidery machine. Use the programmed fonts on the Brother PR1000 and size the lettering to 2 inches tall. Edit one line of text at a time to properly position the text on the sheer ribbon.
Cut the sheer wired ribbon measuring 2 ½ yards. Place the water soluble stabilizer in the large 200x300mm hoop with the two end sections of ribbon parallel to each other and taught in the hoop. Use tape to hold the ribbon edges in place while embroidering. Line up the programmed text using the scanning feature, (or use the trace feature available on most embroidery machines.) Embroider one line of text at a time.
*All stabilizer and ribbon sections need to be tight in the embroidery hoop.
After all embroidery is complete remove the water soluble stabilizer from the back of ribbon. Trim all visible thread tails.
Depending on the basket size, large baskets might need some clean paper fill in the bottom of basket. Fold all towels by rolling two sides towards the middle; showcasing the monogram on all four towels. Position the towels neatly and carefully (use large rubber bands hidden, if difficult to keep rolled). Tuck the wash cloths on each side, add decorative bath items if desired.
Lay the white tulle on a clean table; place the basket in the middle of the tulle. Gather the edges of tulle smooth out wrinkles and hold it together at top with a rubber band. Cover the rubber band with the embroidered ribbon bow. Tie the bow at top of tulle, and trim excess tulle to even out raw edges.


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