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Maternity Top – Kathleen Cheetham
Kathleen Cheetham demonstrates how to make pattern alterations to change your favorite top into a maternity top.

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Create a Maternity Top from a Standard Blouse -
Kathleen Cheetham

You will need:
Table with cutting mat
Grid ruler or T-square
Scissors, coloured felt pens, coloured office paper, scissors, scotch tape, pattern weights, pattern awl
A top pattern that has a side bust dart. In this example, we are using the Shapely Blouse from Singer Perfect Plus by Kathleen Cheetham.www.petitepluspatterns.com

It’s your favourite blouse pattern and now that you’re pregnant, wouldn’t it be nice to have it as a maternity top.  Here’s an easy way to do just that.

Copy the front and back pattern pieces.

Because you’ll need extra fullness through the torso, straighten the curve on the side seam. Also, you won’t be sewing in the torso darts on back or front.

On the Front, draw two lines –the first straight up from the hem to the bust point, the second from the side seam through the middle of the bust dart to the bust point.

Cut both lines, leaving a tiny hinge of paper at the bust point.

Swing the bust dart closed sending the fullness to the front tummy.

Place pattern paper in behind the tummy opening and tape in place.

Tape the bust dart closed. Redraw the hem smoothly. Lengthen at the front slightly if desired.

Host: Kathleen Cheetham

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