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Pencil Skirt Waistband – Sunni Standing
Sunni Standing shows how to make a waistband for a pencil skirt created from ribbon.

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Petersham Ribbon Waistband – Sunni Standing

1. Instead of using a self fabric waistband, next time consider trying a ribbon waistband. You'll need to measure the waist area of your garment to determine how much ribbon you'll need to cut. Cut two of these lengths of ribbon.
2. Attach the ribbon to waist of the garment by first stitching a basting line at the seamline of the garment shell. From there using the basting stitch as a guide, pin the ribbon in place. Topstitch along the bottom edge of the ribbon, attaching the ribbon to the waist area of the skirt shell.
3. Do the same for your lining. 
4. Insert the zipper into your skirt shell and from there attach it to your lining. 
5. Attach the skirt shell to the lining by topstitching along the ribbon waistband, this time along the top of the ribbon.
6. Stitch in the ditch, where the skirt and ribbon waistband meet and you're finished!

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Host: Sunni Standing

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