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Eileen Roche demonstrates simple monogram techniques for all different garments – it's a traditional look updated with a contemporary approach.


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Monogramming for Men
Eileen Roche
Subtle and Classic

If there's one word to describe monogramming on menswear, it's discreet; discreet in size and contrast. Now don't go by my samples - my samples are done for photography - highly contrasting so you can see them well on camera.  But when stitched for someone to actually wear, a discreet monogram is the one most gentlemen will be comfortable wearing.

You have several choices when it comes to placing the monogram. Some very popular choices are on the pocket, above the pocket, or on the pocket flap if there is one, on the left cuff on the placket between the 2nd and 3rd button or at the bottom, just below the last button on top placket and just for identification purposes: inside the collar.

You have several ways to arrange the letters. I prefer three letter monograms because the letters are minute, but I think two letters is too small, so I go for three letters.

I have three versions of the three-letter monogram: the traditional diamond shape: first name initial, last name initial and middle name initial. The two outer letters are proportionally smaller than the middle letter.

On the cuff, use the standard order: first, middle and last initial - all the same size.

On the pocket flap, go for a contemporary approach with the first initial stacked over the middle initial. This 'tower' of letters is equal in size to the last initial.  Take this approach when the garment is a casual shirt like flannel, worn everyday.

Let's take a look at how you do it. 

Find the vertical center of the flap.  Place a target sticker just right of the edge of the flap.  Hoop sticky stabilizer and position the flap on the sticky surface.  Center the needle over the target sticker and embroider the monogram.

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Host: Eileen Roche

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